Screamer is a horror adventure puzzle game set in an hotel in the northen parts of Sweden. Without any warning your partner disappears when an elevator makes a sudden stop…

This prototype is the final examination of the course “Non-linear and interactive storytelling”. Our assignment was to create a game design document with additional documentation and a prototype of the concept.

The prototype was created during 4-5 work days in Unity3d and I programmed, created the level art (modeled, UV-mapped, textured) except for tables, chairs, dungeon bars, and the monster is a free model downloaded from Mixamo.

Have a look at the screens or try the prototype here!



During 5 months I attended the course: Informatics with Emphasis in Creative Media Production A, 30 credits.
The course has the following 4 sections:

Interaction Design in Digital Media, 7.5 credits
Based on the latest trends in interactive design, such as ubiquitous
computing, tangible user interfaces, Human Computer Interaction
and Information Visualization. Prototype Development was also done and
a scientific article on Agile and HCI combination approaches concluded
the course.

Non-linear and interactive storytelling, 7.5 credits
Game design and game theory, prototype development and evaluation.
Unexpected course content, but it was nice to get more insight into game
design and story telling. I also performed a guest lecture in front of my
own class to give them an insight into the game development process.

Storytelling Design I: 3D Modeling, 7.5 credits
Mostly 3D modeling using Autodesk Maya 2012. Devoted my time to
improve my 3D and 2D graphics abilities when it comes to creating game
graphics, instead of concentrating on high-res feature film restrictions.

Storytelling Design II: Animation and Special Effects, 7.5 credits
Implementing techniques and knowledge learned in the previous course
to composite a short clip containing 3D animated material and stock

The following is some of the graphics that I created during the course, the car is the first 3D model I ever seriously tried to create. Check out the video for the final result after Storytelling Design II or download this article which is the examination for the Interaction Design in Digital Media course.

Might of Ancient Remnants is a real time action game, PvP and survival, visit moaronline.com for more information.

This is the most advanced project that I have done using Unity, it has a 3 months development cycle. Some if its components are:

  • Online Multiplayer (PvP, Game Queuing, Friends lists, Party, Chat, Leaderboard)
  • Singleplayer Survival
  • 3 Playable characters
  • 6 Abilities per character
  • Extensive usage of GUI

Storytellers is a casual game for writing short stories with your friends. Choose a category (Fantasy, Romance, Horror, etc), write an intriguing story, insert random words to get a higher score. Gain cards for completing chapters, stories and tasks. Send cards to your friends along with a chapter to control the direction of the story.

A one month prototype developed using Unity and MySQL for the database. You can play it here: http://storytellers.sliceofsoup.com/

Growbots is a freemium game where you play as the manager of a junkyard. Use robots to scavenge piles of scrap and find resources that can be used to upgrade robots and the junkyard. Both functional parts and pure resources can be found when scavenging, they can be sold or refined to create spare parts from blueprints. Get new contracts from different industries to receive more advanced scrap and ultimately better upgrades. Throughout the game you will be challenged with missions that give you achievements and items.

This is a prototype created using C#/Unity3D during 1 month.

Gamelair.se has changed its appearance multiple times, it started out in 2005 as a greyish mess that I quickly changed into something more streamlined. After that it turned into what you see today, but it was coded purely using PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL. Now its base is WordPress, I have added custom parsing for posts to get exactly what I want, I would never use a plain and normal template for anything that I do and Gamelair is no exception.


A challenging puzzle game in which you guide beams of lights in different colors to their destination. Split, combine and reflect the beams and be rewarded with crystals! Use the crystals to advance and unlock new levels.
The game offers a real challenge for anyone who like puzzle games, it starts off easy but gives you a headache in the long run.

Play it for free at: AppStore or CL@SliceofSoup.com

Created in 2 months using Unity3D/C#, it features alot of puzzle action, an online leaderboard and the awesome credits dance!

Portofolio website for Jeanthie Gustafsson. Created using WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP and JQuery.

Company website for Slice of Soup AB, the company I co-founded with 2 other guys, one artist and one designer.
Created using WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP and MySQL.

Homm3 inspired iPhone prototype
Created a fast test of a turn based combat system that would work on the small iPhone4 screen, A hex based combat system similar to the original Homm3 would work well on the iPad, but not as well on the iPhone. Perhaps using some kind zoom/pan feature on the iPhone could work.

Loot – The Game!
Prototyped a basic loot game where you acquired heroes that would search for anything of value, the more heroes you had the more loot you got. It uses a MySQL database to store all the information and if the idea were to be taken further an community could be created around this. How much loot do you have?!
Did some testing of the Unity GUI system and found myself very limited. All the graphics belong to their respective owners. I have not created any of the art, they are all placeholders.

Started as a path finding test, but I couldn’t constrain myself from trying to created a game out of it.
It is not completed but the idea is that you manage your game area by painting roads from the color spawner located in the middle, light cubes would then travel these roads and find their way to an area. Either generating materials, electricity or color cubes. You do this for a specific time (e.g. 2min) and after that a puzzle like battle takes place. The color cubes are added to the opponents puzzle area and he/she must now get rid of all the cubes by combining them into shapes. You can use use the materials and electricity to hinder your opponents progress.

Server/Client multiplayer prototype for Tenstar’s Wheel loader simulator. Created using existing graphics and gameplay/physics, used RakNet to implement the network functionallity.

The Last Planet Gobbler has awoken! Gobble the populations of all the planets you come by. Spreading darkness trying extinguising your insatiable hunger! But BEWARE! the planets defenses!!

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2011. (C++, tenGine)


Worked as a programming teacher for ~1 year, overseeing programming students and all student projects during the second semester, in total 3 game projects. Went to Dreamhack to represent the school, teaching visitors Autodesk Mudbox.

My time as a teacher at PSQ was one of my best working experiences and I might one day end up in a school battling students!

Playground Squad

Created a time reporter web application using HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL. Users would sign in on different tasks during the day, add comments when finishing a task, adding notifications if some entries was incorrect (e.g. forgetting to sign out when going to lunch) and at the end of the day add a summary comment. A weekly overview was available for easy overseeing how much time they had worked.

An administration tool was also created using C#.

  • Project time budget management
  • Notification resolve / Time entry editing
  • Line and pie charts for easy overviews.
  • Date, user and project filters.
  • Day length editing (default length, holidays, half-days)

Gamcubator.org is based on my own CMS system. HTML/CSS, JQuery, PHP and MySQL was used to develop the system. In retrospect, a WordPress base would have been preferable, nevertheless it gave me alot of insight into JQuery.

You’re the great idea in a troubled mind. Find your way through the mental darkness, find seeds of inspiration to keep on going. Watch out for the troublesome chore monkeys, taking away your happiness.

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2010. (C++, tenGine)

A C#/MySQL based customer management system, fairly feature rich. (TODO: Feature list)

Website for TensionCity, created using the same CMS system that I created for Gamecubator. (HTML/CSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL)


First it was a full scale arcade cabinet, but I made the mistake of using materials that was not good enough. So I started over, only saving the arcade sticks/button setup. This time I created a coffee table with an integrated computer and the arcade sticks. I was very pleased with the result, but I ended up thinking “Ooh, I could have went this direction instead”. So there might be a third version some day : )

First assignment at Tension, create a prototype for a Tenstar simulator world editor. I was given the instructions to use MFC, did not have any experience from it, but I know now that it is no the way to go. C# offers much better control and scalability and finding any good documentation/books for MFC that aren’t from the year 1879 is hard.

STCC The Game is the official game of “STCC – Swedish Touring Car Championship”, the largest and most prestigious motorsport championship in Scandinavia.

For detailed information on my contributions to this project contact me.

Race Pro recreates a breathtaking reality giving gamers the ultimate racing simulation experience – with precision physics and handling, racers will feel every bend and burst of acceleration along with every emotion from pre-race tension in the pit lanes to the exhilaration of capturing the chequered flag.

I only made a small contribution to this project, approximately 2 months work. But I got to experience the pipeline, in-house tools and dev/test-kits.



RACE On is the only official game of two of the world’s biggest touring car spectacles:  the WTCC and STCC. Not only does RACE On include all the cars and circuits from the 2008 seasons of these championships, it also adds a massive selection of US Muscle cars and circuits to the mix, as well as the 2008 International Formula Masters and the 2008 Camaro Cup Challenge.

I wanted to create a easy way to build worlds for a RTS game I had in mind, it was actually a continuation of the FunPark concept but this time in 3D. So I made some terrain and waypoint/pathfinding tests.

  • Terrain painter created using XNA/C#/HLSL
  • Waypoint “painter” created using XNA/C#

STCC The Game is the official game of “STCC – Swedish Touring Car Championship”, the largest and most prestigious motorsport championship in Scandinavia.

For detailed information on my contributions to this project contact me.

The most beautiful GT’s. Extreme versions of the already spectacular World Touring Cars. Exclusive road cars from prestigious brands.You will find that and much more in GTR Evolution, including the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, the fabled 22,8km long racetrack in Germany.

For detailed information on my contributions to this project contact me.

FunPark is a turn based strategy game. The goal with the game is to attract humans who are in the mood for wacky rides, cotton candy and perhaps without knowing it some zombiefication. All you have to do is to build a fun park that attracts paying customers whom thinks that the entering fee is low for so much fun, not knowing that the entering fee is their life. Build an undead army to assault your enemy and destroy his/her fun park!

Written in PHP, I did not use AJAX, javascript or anything like that so you had to update the site to see if you opponent had ended his turn, this was not the best way to go about it, but I just wanted to explore some ideas. To see if it was possible for me to make a fun game that wasn’t made with Flash.

I liked the concept of building a fun park that seemed like a great fun place, but was really a death trap where evil crazy undead “guys” converted all the visitors to either mindless beasts or mindless meat. The game has a lobby where you can select your next victim. I guess that you can call the game mode: 1vs1 deathmatch. If I had put some more time on it, a team deathmatch mode would have been a priority. Perhaps I’ll make a version of the game to the Nintendo DS, who knows : ) – Written back in 2008

This was a game test using the OGRE engine as the base. Ogre seems like a good graphics engine and it certainly made it easier to test the game idea, instead of trying to rework my old DirectX 9 engine.

The game that was the inspiration is Smash TV but this is just more or less a small test of the Ogre engine. If you don’t know what Smash TV is you should really check out this link. – Written back in 2008


RACE 07 – The Official WTCC Game features the full FIA WTCC season of 2007 including all cars and tracks, as well as several new support classes and tracks from all over the world.

During my years at Simbin, I spent most the time on this project and all of its expansions.
For detailed information on my contributions to this project contact me.

The CATERHAM Expansion contains three car models from Caterham Cars Limited in 60 different designs along with two new tracks, Imola and Estoril.

For detailed information on my contributions to this project contact me.

This is a Counter-Strike Source clan web site, designed to keep track of match results.
A site admin can add, edit and remove matches. All users can add match reports and comments,  it is also possible to connect a game server to the database used by the site, this will remove the need of an admin to add the match results.

The sites primary function is to display match and player statistics but it also have a community like user interface where personal information can be added and messages can be sent between members. – Written back in 2007

One of my first “good” attempts at creating a website using PHP/MySQL instead of plan HTML. I like the result even today and remember the good old CS gaming nights like it was yesterday!


The Official WTCC Game | RACE is the first ever game to be focused on the hard hitting, intense action of the exciting WTCC championship which is exploding in popularity all over the world

My first professional project that I worked on. I joined the team at the last 2-3 weeks of production so I only did QA.

Playgroundsquad – Game project III, Hellion
(4 weeks pre-production, 9 weeks prototype production, 2 programmers, 10 people total. Position: Lead Programmer, Project Lead)

This was the best project that I was a part of.We decided to not use RenderWare for this project, so 4 weeks prior to the start of the final project I started to develop my own engine based on DirectX 9. From the start of the project, 4 weeks later, I’ve started to work on a editor for the game and continued to update the engine through out the project.

The idea of the game was that it should be a action filled 3:e person shooter and that cooperative mode was a essential part. So we ended up with a game that supported 4 players over LAN and the essence of the game was action. You toke the roll of an demon that had been summoned by a group of humans and you wheren’t very happy. One of our unique selling points was that the demon had the ability to absorb any kind of weapons and merge them into its own. For example a shotgun and a minigun, creating a shotgun shooting at the rate of a minigun. - Written back in 2006

This was the third and final game project at Playground Squad and in the end I learned a lot about C++, 3D Engine design (or rather what not to do) and tools development. I am most pleased with the game editor, check out the video from 2:15 for a quick display of the editor capabilities.

Playgroundsquad :: Game project II, Odium Ex
(7 weeks, 2 programmers, 11 people total. Position: Lead Programmer)

Odium Ex is a 3:e person single player action game. Where you play as a character with two sides, one of the characters has a sword and the other one has two pistols. The game main inspiration was Devil May Cry. For this project we used RenderWare Studio 2.0. The idea was to have the designers to create the stucture of the game, putting out enemies, trigger etc, using the RenderWare editor. It didn’t work very well for them so I ended up building/linking the entire game world. – Written back in 2006

A lot of late hours went into this one, myself and my programmer companion did not see much sunlight, but it was really good times : ) The video quality is not the best, but you get the picture.


Playgroundsquad :: Game project I, G.E.A.R.
(5 weeks, 2 programmers, 11 people total. Position: Lead Programmer)

G.E.A.R. is a arcade action-platform game where the level is build up from blocks that’s falling from the sky. The goal of the game was to stop gnomes from creating a tower which they thought would help them get to heaven. Armed with a shotgun, minigun and a grenad throwing slingshot your task was not easy when the gnomes where charged with demonic power. In this project we used RenderWare 3.7 - Written back in 2005

My first school project, not the best design choices were made but a really good starting point for game programming / C++ experience.


This is the first game I have ever created and I found one of the later versions, it did not contain all of the level content and equipment, but it started on Vista. It was during my years in upper secondary school, around the year 2002 (so I was 16 years old). Back in the days I was still using Visual Basic 6.0 when I was programming and I did not know much about how to create games. My excessive use of times were prof of this.

The game is a RPG and has some heavy features (Don’t take this serious)

  • Super advanced experience system! You would gain level points which you could use to enhance your character!
  • Next-gen fighting system! You do damage by clicking on your opponent, so start training your mouse clicking skills.
  • And many more advanced super systems!


I like to look back at this game now when so much time has passed, it wasn’t a total disaster : ) And yes most of the graphics are “borrowed”, I think I only made the logo and some GUI stuff.